Animals are mysterious, amazing, fascinating, and beautiful. Some are smaller than your hand, while others, like whales and elephants are enormous. But no matter the size, shape, or color, their variety provides endless study for zoologists. 

This workbook introduces some basic terms zoologists use and tasks they must perform. It requires observation and promotes critical thinking. The glossary of terms will help with those big words and understanding, but with practice your students/children will begin to look at animals in a completely different way and learn how to think like a scientist, a zoologist!

The 124 page, 3-5 workbook is streamlined for young scientists to understand. Icons are used in front of terms to help facilitate meanings of scientific words, and of course there's a large place on each page for them to draw the animal they're studying.

So take this workbook to the zoo, aquarium, wildlife center, farm or ranch, or walk through your own neighborhood and discover what wildlife is right there where you live. Encourage the natural curiosity and critical thinking in every child!

For a book about a little girl wanting to be a zoologist see our book Imara's Tiara which inspired these workbooks for the young scientist. 

This workbooks is designed to be used in conjunction with the book Imara's Tiara (offered on this website), or can be used as a stand-alone workbook on its own! It promotes success in a way to motivate children, students and parents alike to get excited and motivated to learn. There is also a glossary of terms that is categorized in a way to make answers easier to find. At 100 pages it has room for the study of approximately 40 animals and the workbook is designed to personalize your child's name on the front cover. This book is theirs! They are the scientist/author! 

A great addition to any Home-Schooling program!

ISBN: 978-0578935492

Dimensions: 8 x 10 x 1

Hardcover: 124 pages

Ages: 8-10 years old

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